Workout of the day: Neuromuscular and form work. High/low cadence work, proper set-up and position/posture on the bike. This is the behind the scenes work that pays massive dividends down the road. Form and posture suffer dramatically when you are tired. Dedicated practice will prevent the breakdown when it is most likely to occur. Please call or email for guidance, 413.522.3180 |

Stretch of the day: Standing calf stretch for soleus. Standing in front of a wall about arms length away, place one foot two steps behind with your toes facing forward. Lean forward, bending at the ankles, keeping both knees bent and heels on the ground. With flexion in the knee, you should feel the stretch in your soleus (meaty part of the calf)  instead of gastrocnemius (behind the knee). Hold as is comfortable and switch.


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