Workout of the day: Volume with upper tempo/ low threshold work. The quantity and volume of tempo/threshold intervals and total volume will depend on your current fitness and goals. As the winter base season progresses, we are starting to move into slightly harder work! Do not get carried away but enjoy the chance the stretch your legs a bit. For details or guidance, please call or email, 413.522.3180 |

Stretch of the day: You will need a pull-up bar or something similar. Hanging for spine decompression. Stand on a stool or something that keeps the bar just lower than fully overhead. Start with hands shoulder width apart, slowly bend your knees and transfer weight from your feet to you hands to hang as is comfortable. This can be a strain on your shoulders so if it is painful or you are new to this, stop before you have full weight in your hands. This is a deep stretch without fully hanging. Practice this regularly and slowly increase the weight in your hands.

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